Otto Zitko

For an artist whose bright oil stick lines often explode, uncontained, across the walls and ceilings of galleries, it feels fitting for this moment—one of physical distance, meditation, and uncertainty—that the works in Otto Zitko’s exhibition “In Times Like These” are anxiously restrained to canvas size

More (older installation work like below)


Carlos Cruz-Diez

I felt like I’d seen Carlos’s work before seeing the first piece below in #surmoderno. A little internet searching turned up some things that… yeah, I’m sure I’ve seen these in popular culture, definitely the ones in Houston. His work focused (he’s no longer with us) on the kinetic energy of color particularly the #moiré effect.


Martina Nehrling and Gunther Forg

One of the most compelling facets of abstract painting for me are formally similar but conceptually dissimilar works. Martina paints an urban energy where Gunther seeks to emote the experience of being a German.



Donald Judd

The feature image for this Artforum announcement caught my eye since it’s new to me, although I’m familiar with Judd’s 2D work. I am inspired to spend some time reading this week some of what Judd “wrote extensively on the importance of land preservation, empirical knowl­edge, and engaged citizenship.”


Louise P. Sloan and Rusty Shackleford

I think it’s interesting to post two artists side by side some time- in this case because they use a similar approach to mark making with different results.

Found Louise’s Instagram profile via a hashtag and she has of course has a site.

Rusty is in both places, too.