Fahrelnissa Zeid

Fahrelnissa Zeid (b. 1901, Istanbul – d. 1991, Amman) was a Turkish artist born into a prominent Ottoman family whose work blended elements of Islamic and Byzantine art from the East with abstract influences from the West. She worked in a variety of media such as large oil paintings, collages and stained glass panels. Zeid was among the first women to attend the Academy of Fine Art in Istanbul.

Her oeuvre contains abstraction like below and figuration.


Karel Appel

A founder of the CoBrA association of painters, Karel Appel rendered expressionist canvases with vibrant color, violent brushwork, and thick application of impasto paint. The artist derived much inspiration from primitive art and children’s drawings, and was influenced by contemporaries such as Jean Dubuffet, the major exponent of Art Brut.


Hermann Nitsch

With the current exhibition “88. malaktion” the Nitsch Foundation is showing brand new action paintings from the artist’s latest painting action (88th). The vibrant artworks were created this spring in preparation for the painting assistants who will accompany Hermann Nitsch at this year’s Bayreuth Festival in Germany. Inspired by the colorful, broadly expansive music of Richard Wagner, Hermann Nitsch demonstrates both his lyrical and radical approach to “color as substance.”