Liz Markus

For her seventh solo in New York and her first with Shrine Liz Markus continues her Hippies series.  Her iconic hippie heads are each marked by Markus reaching for something – waves of energy, galaxies of stars, lush rainforests, vibrations of form, two-color pulsing auras. While Markus calls these subjects “hippies”, she almost obliterates their original countenance to create completely new emblems of freedom, living your own way and going with the flow


Michele Araujo

Sharon Butler notes that in “The Vulnerable Paintings,” recently on view at OSMOS Address, Michele has decisively found her voice. After working on rigid aluminum panels for years, Araujo has shifted to sheets of vellum, unapologetically embracing the beauty of color and the seductive nature of process. The result is a handsome and satisfying kind of arrival.