Robert Keith Black

Was looking through the show archives at Lee Hansley gallery, which are still up even though Lee passed last year, and was drawn to Robert’s piece below. If you’re interested in learning more about this Raleigh-based practitioner who used the Strawvalley design complex to bring Modernist Art to the area in the 1950s, you can check out Design Duet.


Herb Jackson

As I’ve written about in my bio, I first began to think of myself as an artist in undergraduate school. Having spent that time in the Charlotte area, there were of course a number of Herb’s pieces around and about; as an aspiring artist, I was impressed at the time with the maturity of his voice, as his paintings are easily recognizable´┐╝. Photographs also never really convey the physicality of the surfaces of his paining either. And like Jason he’s originally from Raleigh.


Paul Travis Philips

#TBT Saw some of these at SECCA (a real NC gem) in 2017. Really deft technically, they borrow the visual texture of language (literally in some cases) and owe as big of a debt to Johns and Rauschenberg as any abstract practitioner- even as they are, literally, abstractions of systems of representation. Fascinating and captivating.


Donald Martiny

Those of you who drive past North Hills in Raleigh on the reg have seen Donald’s piece in the NCMA’s Art Window in the BOA building. As someone who loves Fabian Marcaccio’s paintants and Roy Lichtenstein’s brushstrokes, these make me super super happy. Check out more of them!


Warren Isensee

Isensee is an NC-born painter who has been making work since 80’s Neo-Geo almost ruined abstract painting, and to my eye is committed to formalism (his work is too insistent on being seen to be a sign for some conceptual agenda). Yet another artist I ran across while Tumblr’ing, he shows with Danese Corey. Looking forward to what’s coming based on the works on paper he’s been posting on his Instagram feed.