Macarena Luzi

I’ve posted on a number of artists making art from and focused on woven and sewn material (as opposed to applying paint to flat surfaces) and so was glad Boom noted Macarena who is a self taught textile designer based in Los Angeles, California, producing colourful rugs and often collaborating with other artists to bring their drawings to life.


Donna Jaggard

When we bought our current home from an older gentlemen who had appointed it with furnishings and art he liked from the ’60s (and left much of it when he downsized and moved closer to his kids), one of the artifacts was a print by Donna. I have hung it up in my studio for two reasons. In addition to the positive vibe I feel keeping something that lived in the house prior to me, there’s a short bio on the back which I can’t stop thinking about (second image below).

I don’t know in the end if the work that I am making in my moment of human history will be valuable to people in the future. As I read the bio for Donna, I see that it is likely she had a satisfying career as a creative. It is also relatively hard to find information about her on the Internet*, which is another way of saying her place in the canon is not prominent. I have written about contradiction as a theme for me before.

*What is not terribly hard to find on the Internet are pieces of Donna’s artwork for sale, which means they retain some (historical) value given the seriousness with which she approached her practice, apparently.