Richard Keen

The Garage Art Center recently showed an exhibit of Richard’s work titled Around the Edges. He draws inspiration from Maine’s natural and man-made surroundings, including waterfronts, island shapes, and horizons, and he incorporates these into his work through distorted shapes and skewed perspectives. Completing several pieces at a time allows him to establish continuity in his works.


Liz Markus

For her seventh solo in New York and her first with Shrine Liz Markus continues her Hippies series.  Her iconic hippie heads are each marked by Markus reaching for something – waves of energy, galaxies of stars, lush rainforests, vibrations of form, two-color pulsing auras. While Markus calls these subjects “hippies”, she almost obliterates their original countenance to create completely new emblems of freedom, living your own way and going with the flow


Lygia Pape

Lygia Pape (7 April 1927 – 3 May 2004) was a Brazilian visual artist, sculptor, engraver, and filmmaker, who was a key figure in the Concrete movement and a later co-founder of the Neo-Concrete Movement in Brazil during the 1950s and 1960s. Along with Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Clark, she was an important artist in the expansion of contemporary art in Brazil and pushed geometric art to include aspects of interaction and to engage with ethical and political themes.

I saw below at the Art Institute in Chicago recently, part of an exhibition of her prints.


Howard Smith

Spotted below at Expo Chicago. Howard was (1928-2021) an African-American artist, designer and collector. He worked with paper, pigments, wood, clay, textiles and metal. He designed for industry—e.g. print textiles for Vallila, tableware and interior items for Arabia (the esteemed ceramics factory in Helsinki). He planned interior designs for corporate offices, public buildings and cruise ships. He especially enjoyed recycling items like scrap metal, used cardboard, castoff clothing–which he took and created into whimsical compositions. More


Howard Smith

Jeffrey Gibson

Sited below at Expo Chicago- it’s actually a functional drum. Apparently as always I’m the last to be on the know (he has almost 30k followers). His work has headed in new directions (although the galleria at informed me he still uses some of the drums in performances).