Stephen Neidich

Artforum says Stephen’s kinetic sculptures are made of industrial metal objects and tools found in the studio and the outside world. They leverage our familiarity of everyday objects against experience and performance of making art. These gestural spinning and rotating sculptures make plain how, and from what materials they are made, the acrobatics of their production.



Anish Kapoor

Not a lot I could say about Anish that hasn’t already been said other than it’s surprising I’m just getting to blogging about him (realized he was missing when writing about Point of Departure which features him alongside Mavis and Tony and Donald and others).



Shaheer Zazai

BlackFlash Magazine’s December 2021 Issue Examines Islamic Art Traditions in Canada. In “Infinities,” guest-edited by curator and art historian Nadia Kurd, artists and writers discuss the influence of Islamic visual cultures in Canadian contemporary art. Shaheer gets a nice mention and an image.