Jamaal Peterson

First encountered Jamaal’s work in this article (featuring Patrick’s work also). He has developed a highly encoded language of abstraction that ricochets inside of, between, and beyond the frame of the image. In this new body of work Peterman depicts the world as a global simulation. Illusionistic framing devices transform each painting into a portal through which ominous glitches in time, place, and scale occur. These works describe an interlocking system of abstract macro structures—representing legal giants, multinational corporations, massive algorithmic flows, and the weapons of destruction that protect them—across which a superimposed human figure sequentially moves.



Thomas Sayre

Saw below on Artsuite which you should all follow (locals to the Triangle know his large earthworks at the NC Museum of Art). Sayre designs and builds public art projects and private commissions all over the world. His current work includes large paintings made with tar, smoke, gunshots, welding material, earth, and fire.