Lao Lianben

Lao Lianben’s abstractions are both stark and sincere; through an intelligent use of texture, the subtlest indication of black or gray becomes scar, soot, or spirit. His compositions tend toward the monochromatic (the occasional pops of ochre or stone blue aside) and reference Buddhist literature and culture.


Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler

Artists Wona Bae (South Korea) and Charlie Lawler (Australia) are a collaborative duo based in Melbourne, known internationally for their installations and sculptures that navigate the visceral and symbiotic connections between people and nature. Seeking balance and harmony. Their work combines installation, sculpture, relief, sound, and photographs documenting ephemeral interventions.



Cindy Morefield

I don’t know most or even many of the artists I post about personally. I’m fortunate Cindy is an exception. Many of you who are #ncartists probably saw some of her rubbings at Greenhill recently- it’s the body of work she’s focused on since I’ve known her and they are subtle, intentional Modernism at it’s best. We’ve also done an IG live artist chat if any of you think you can listen to me talk for an hour…