Sterling Bowen- Bio

Sterling grew up in the small, northeastern North Carolina town of Ahoskie. He studied art and humanities at UNC Charlotte as an undergraduate, and was also a graduate fellow in painting at the University of Houston where he enjoyed teaching and the local Arts scene*. After a break from grad school turned into an extended break from painting, he began making work again in 2018. He maintains this blog as part of his practice (which is why it includes content on other artists he finds inspiring and/or engaging). During the day, Sterling works in clean energy, and hopes one day to be a full-time practicing artist and teacher. He is also a father of two who lives in Raleigh with his spouse, his favorite travel companion, and when not working, making art or traveling spends his time playing basketball, watching science fiction or working on his community.

* I’ve reflected in more detail on my creative life leading up to grad school as well as beginning (Art) again in my forties

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