After taking a decade+ hiatus from painting and the Art world to focus on a career in clean energy, my CV is a little skinny. High level, I studied painting at UNCC in undergrad after deciding architecture was not for me, later also got 2/3rds of the way through an MFA at Houston, then life happened again (in a fantastic way). So- trained in the canon, not a deletant.

My Background

The first time I fell in love with painting  was in the attic of my parents house. Pops gave me an old stretcher, around which I wrapped a bed sheet, and I went at it with a bunch of old house paint. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to make things that are interesting and unique without relying on naturalism. I dropped out of architecture school because I didn’t want clients telling me what to do (yeah, it sounds pretty childish to me now, too) and switched to fine art. I signed up for an intermediate level class on abstract painting second semester and quickly found out that our library had a whole section  full of monographs for almost every artist I could want to study and, well, the rest is history. I was drawn to the Abstract Expressionists first and sort of worked my way forward to what was happening while I was in undergrad (hint: it was mostly about Lydia Dona, Fabian Marcaccio, David Reed and Jonathan Lasker– the biggest survey that occurred during that time was Conceptual Abstration).  All the above is to say that I am and mostly have always been drawn to paintings that would be called non-objective, abstract, or formalist. 

My Medium

I like to move wet color around, especially on cloth. I’ll put it on paper, too- sometimes with a brush, sometimes with a knife. I began working with acrylic because water cleanup is easy and I’ve stayed with it as a medium because of the ease with which you can make the paint thick but translucent, as well as adding iridescent mediums. I’m not afraid to use tape or a Mahl stick or some other sort of jig if I want lines and edges to be a little more clean. I don’t mind a pen or marker or pastel either to be honest, but I always come back to the types of layers you can build up with paint  (perhaps the interest in layers comes from growing up on old school cellular animation- I also like making drawings with layers of acetate, fwiw).

My Inspiration

My interests- what artists or work I am drawn to- are pretty broad, across the realm of abstraction at least (including folks who make objects). I even like some painter’s work for reasons other than why they made it (looking at you, Peter Halley). If you want to know what I’m  currently looking at, you can follow this blog.