Jarvis Brookfield

Juxtapoz says that many people would argue that replicating the views of reality is a waste of paint as a medium, which I feel glad to say excludes me. Regardless you should (always) read their content and check out Jarvis whose abstracted images aren’t necessarily abstraction and worth the look.


Minoru Onoda

Currently the subject of a major retrospective at the Himeji City Museum of Art in Japan, Onoda has been increasingly thrust into the limelight in the wake of recent reappraisals of the Gutai group led by scholars and curators such as Joan Kee, Ming Tiampo, Alexandra Monroe, and Shoichi Hirai.


Portia Zvavahera and Guzel Vural

Portia is now represented by David Zwirmer.

Booooom puts the spotlight on Guzel’s illustrations.

Neither is an abstractionist- I chose this juxtaposition partly for that reason (and also because they both exude dream-like qualities).