Susie Rosmarin

When I was in grad school I saw Susie talk at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston as a part of Abstract Painting, Once Removed— appears some years later she had a solo show there as well. Her work process has always been quite disciplined and it appears the monochromatic pieces of the early 2000s have given way to a broader palette (btw if you like these you’ll also like Sanford and Rob).


Ingrid Calame

As I continue to think back on artists that were having a (or their first, in Calame’s case) big Art world moment while I was doing grad studies I’m reminded of course (since she, Monique and Polly were often mentioned collectively by the critical community) that Ingrid’s works* were considered lineage and departure from Pollock.


(*image below is from that time; her work like her colleagues mentioned above has moved in new directions over the last two decades)


Monique Prieto

Blogging about Aaron inspired me to look up info on one of the shows he was in at the CAM in Houston- I mentioned in that blog this was sort of a movement.

Artforum dove in as well (Monique was on the cover of the issue in which the essay linked above appeared). What I enjoy(ed) about that part of her oeuvre was how it could be serious and not at the same time (I do think contradiction is fun and serious).

Since this was all happening at the time I was in grad school I’m gonna go down that lane for the next week or so. Oh- second image is what she’s up to these days.