Shaheer Zazai

BlackFlash Magazine’s December 2021 Issue Examines Islamic Art Traditions in Canada. In “Infinities,” guest-edited by curator and art historian Nadia Kurd, artists and writers discuss the influence of Islamic visual cultures in Canadian contemporary art. Shaheer gets a nice mention and an image.



Tony Bechara

Tony is an artist living and working in New York, who has produced a large and significant body of abstract work based on principles of color usage, organization and randomness. His paintings tackle phenomenological questions that explore historical problems associated with representation, the visual, and ultimately visibility itself. He’s also in Point of Departure at the Sheldon Museum in Lincoln.

Algernon Miller

Algernon (like Ellsworth) is a father of Afrofuturist art. Educated at the School of Visual Arts (1965-67) and The New School (1967-68) during America’s cultural revolution, Miller’s Downtown art world included happenings and Pop, Fluxus and Warhol films, the Beat poets and jazz. Uptown, he absorbed African drumming, African-American dance, and Afrocentric fashion.