Bradley Walker Tomlin

Getting ready to teach this Spring, and was perusing MOMA’s collection, using filters for the twentieth century, to look for artists which might make good examples for any one of the six concepts I want to cover in the class. My search turned up (among others that I’ll blog about over the next couple of weeks) a piece by Bradley



Macarena Luzi

I’ve posted on a number of artists making art from and focused on woven and sewn material (as opposed to applying paint to flat surfaces) and so was glad Boom noted Macarena who is a self taught textile designer based in Los Angeles, California, producing colourful rugs and often collaborating with other artists to bring their drawings to life.


Christian Eisenberger

Artforum says “SEHN SIE TIEF 9975-15432-32718” is Christian Eisenberger’s most comprehensive exhibition to date at Galerie Krinzinger. Though these paintings are not abstraction they are abstractions literally and conceptually- and clearly owe their execution approach to a number of abstractionists.