Thomas Sayre

Saw below on Artsuite which you should all follow (locals to the Triangle know his large earthworks at the NC Museum of Art). Sayre designs and builds public art projects and private commissions all over the world. His current work includes large paintings made with tar, smoke, gunshots, welding material, earth, and fire.

Daniel Buren and Philippe Parreno

Artforum notes their recent collaboration and that Parreno has often cited Buren’s influence, and Buren included Parreno in an exhibition he curated in 2007. Their work has been shown together on several occasions, and as of 2016 they are both represented by Kamel Mennour (where below occurred).



Callum Innes

One of Britain’s best known abstract painters, Callum Innes works in the language of monochrome painting, rendering color fields within geometric grids or dividing his canvases bilaterally. For his ongoing series of “Exposed Paintings”, Innes engages in a process of addition and subtraction, layering pigments onto the canvas, then removing the oil paint with washes of turpentine. This method, which he describes as “unpainting,” leaves only traces of the paint’s former color.


Hiba Kalache

Artsy notes that “… in her abstract paintings, Kalache applies a soft palette as a background, passionately covered with bursts of color and thickly contoured scribbles, almost acting as open, fresh wounds. Looking closely, there are visual hints of floral and erotic elements, evoking an atmosphere of violence, tension, and a glimmer of delicateness, where everything seems to coexist.”

Also- if you want to follow artists from the Middle East and North Africa check out ArteEast.