Daniel Buren and Philippe Parreno

Artforum notes their recent collaboration and that Parreno has often cited Buren’s influence, and Buren included Parreno in an exhibition he curated in 2007. Their work has been shown together on several occasions, and as of 2016 they are both represented by Kamel Mennour (where below occurred).



Hélio Oiticica

Lison gallery shows (posthumously) some of Hélio’s work. This Brazilian was one of the originators of installation art and conceptual art, establishing an influence still felt today. A poet of the favelas, or makeshift slums, found in Rio de Janeiro, Oiticica created installations that were influenced by the social circumstances of his environment.


Otto Zitko

For an artist whose bright oil stick lines often explode, uncontained, across the walls and ceilings of galleries, it feels fitting for this moment—one of physical distance, meditation, and uncertainty—that the works in Otto Zitko’s exhibition “In Times Like These” are anxiously restrained to canvas size

More (older installation work like below)