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Tag: installationart

Jane South

Full page add for the gem below in the April #ArtForum. Led me to look for more. (spoiler- her other work is very different and just as awesome). #janesouth

Etel Adnan

Like Suzanne, Eten probably doesn’t consider herself a formalist. The textual richness of her subject is belied by the image in the article above so see more… #eteladnan

Clare Rojas

The exceptional #lizziecheathammcnairy at #matronsandmistresses has a great interview up in the context Claire’s last show at #sococharlotte, which includes some really sublime, new abstract pieces. #clarerojas

Rhia Hurt

Interesting to see how some artists’ work evolves off the canvas/paper into a physical form. I hope I get to see one of these up close at some point. #rhiahurt

Donald Martiny

Those of you who drive past North Hills in Raleigh on the reg have seen Donald’s piece in the NCMA’s Art Window in the BOA building. As someone who loves Fabian Marcaccio’s paintants and Roy Lichtenstein’s brushstrokes, these make me super super happy. Check out more of them! #donaldmartiny