Ernesto Neto

Created in collaboration with FWM, Ernesto Neto’s The Gate and The Garden were ambitious explorations of material, form, and scale. The monolithic sculptures combine to form an immediate and sensual experience. As with the artist’s previous large-scale installations, which he has described as a “kind of body/space/landscape,” the effect of the work is felt through direct experience, not symbolic representation.


Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida, who shows with Hauser & Wirth, has continuously challenged the conventions of sculpture. Infusing humble materials such as cardboard, fabric, plywood, and cement with a boundless energy, she persuades the viewer to experience form on its own terms rather than to reflexively project meaning onto it. ‘glimpse,’ the artist’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles in her celebrated five-decade career, will be an ambitious presentation of new large-scale works


Seulgi Lee

Artforum says Lee’s newest (Slow Water at Incheon) conjures incredible sumptuousness (visual and symbolic) via astonishing restraint—producing a free-ranging post-Minimalism born of collaborations with traditional Korean artisans and spiked with mischievous enigmas.



Anne Tallentire

Declan Long at Artforum points out how Anne’s most recent artworks at The MAC involve careful measuring, precise mapping, methodical assembly as she reflects on the physical, social, and sensory conditions of built environments, scrutinizing small details of domestic interiors or gesturing toward larger histories of public space.