J.M.W. Turner

This Artforum article spoke to me, having recently been in Texas. Wish I had made it to Dallas to see the show but I did get to see below speaking of inspiring sunsets.

Clearly, Turner was not an abstractionist (romantic is the term the canon demands we use). Particularly in his later life, Turner painted many pictures exploring the effects of the elements: wind, rain, snow, sea, and storms.


Speaking of romantics and clouds


Nikola Olić

Sasha Bogojev at Juxtapoz talks with Nicola about how the subjective experience of our imminent surroundings is providing infinite ways of interacting with it, but also, exploring, and capturing or depicting it.


If you like this (art that is photographic contemplations of the formal qualities of buildings) you should check out Gianluca and Matthieu.


Ander Sagastiberri

Artforum says the question posed by the title of Ander Sagastiberri’s solo exhibition “I Do Have Seen Some Objeto Volador No Identificados Do You?” looms over the twenty-one untitled paintings like a garbled transmission from outer space. The disorienting effect of the wonky half-translation extends to the work itself, which is vexingly shrunken.

Anish Kapoor

Not a lot I could say about Anish that hasn’t already been said other than it’s surprising I’m just getting to blogging about him (realized he was missing when writing about Point of Departure which features him alongside Mavis and Tony and Donald and others).