Freddie Bell

Freddie is headed into the Regional Emerging Artist Residency for Artspace for 2022. They feel (as a queer/trans person) that “language is important for expressing our experiences, but labels become limiting when we become too attached to them” and they explore this through loose shape and varied repetition.

Marta Sala

Travis Jeppesen’s 2019 essay “Queer Abstraction (Or How to Be a Pervert with No Body). Some Notes Toward a Probability” asked whether nonrepresentational art could ever be understood as queer or nonbinary. Curator Tomek Baran took Jeppesen’s question as the starting point for “WOW,” an exhibition that brings together works by Marta and Grzegorz. Both artists escape classification, making use of seemingly spontaneous and yet exacting gestures that situate their paintings, textiles, and installations somewhere between construction and destruction.


Louise Fishman

Artforum notes “Ballin’ the Jack,” and also that Louise began “her practice at the height of Abstract Expressionism; Fishman asserted herself as a queer feminist Jewish woman within the artistic milieu of the time. Her atmospheric spaces and muscular articulations recount the urgency of her self-expression, and speak to the dynamic forward motion of ballin’ the jack, or going full-speed.”


Cy Twombly

One of my favorite things about living in Houston was visiting the Cy Twombly gallery at the Menil museum. I can’t think of many other artists whose work can create the kind of visceral connection that his does- I think of it first when discussions veer towards work that is beyond words or language.

BTW- you should also check out this good read about the importance of time he spent with Robert Rauschenberg.


Joshua Van Dyke

Not hard to see why I’d be attracted to the painting below for those who know my own work.

Joshua’s practice also includes a performance element, something in which few abstractionists engage despite the performative nature of much painting in this genre (there are some photos of other work and stills of his last performance here).

BOMB also chose Joshua for their artist portfolio series.