Lao Lianben

Lao Lianben’s abstractions are both stark and sincere; through an intelligent use of texture, the subtlest indication of black or gray becomes scar, soot, or spirit. His compositions tend toward the monochromatic (the occasional pops of ochre or stone blue aside) and reference Buddhist literature and culture.


Isamu Noguchi

has his own museum; opened in ’85 by Isamu (1904–1988), it was the first museum in the United States to be established, designed, and installed by a living artist to show their own work. Located in Long Island City, Queens, the Museum itself is widely viewed as among the artist’s greatest achievements.


Mahirwan Mamtani

is in Cosmic Geometries at EFA Project Space, which also has work by Carrie and Dorothea and Yevgeniya and Biren. Organized by Hilma’s Ghost, the show is a group exhibition of intergenerational and intersectional artists that examines the spiritual and aesthetic functions of abstract painting and geometry in art.


Seulgi Lee

Artforum says Lee’s newest (Slow Water at Incheon) conjures incredible sumptuousness (visual and symbolic) via astonishing restraint—producing a free-ranging post-Minimalism born of collaborations with traditional Korean artisans and spiked with mischievous enigmas.