Jarvis Brookfield

Juxtapoz says that many people would argue that replicating the views of reality is a waste of paint as a medium, which I feel glad to say excludes me. Regardless you should (always) read their content and check out Jarvis whose abstracted images aren’t necessarily abstraction and worth the look.


Stacy Fisher

Hesse Flatow is pleased to present The Fact That,an exhibition of abstract paintings by Stacy Fisher. The exhibition borrows its title from the novel Ducks, Newbury Port by Lucy Ellmann. Written as a stream of consciousness narrative, the protagonist speaks in a single run-on sentence and her brief thoughts are often introduced by the phrase “the fact that.” When painting, Fisher, like the narrator, lets her mind wander and land on fleeting moments. This meditative practice allows her the freedom to delve into different styles and color palettes.