Drawing from things in the past


Been working on a smaller piece based on a study loosely based on a drawing (or at least the approach of drawing on acetate as a proxy for using acrylic with thick, clear isolation layers).

Also thinking about how some early Modernists put compositions together, in particular how Weber, Picasso, Leger and Braque used a narrow chroma range with a high tonal range and a really dark dark (at least they did during their analytical cubism phases).

Restarts aren’t clean breaks sometimes

I’ve written about processing the value of having shown work, and making studies to generate new ideas. I’ve also started a new piece (based on an old one) that to me feels less about running off in an entirely new direction and more like… veering.

As soon as I got the drawing onto the canvas, which was stapled to the studio wall, it became clear that a container for all these containers would be more dramatic if the angles weren’t all 90°. Shaped canvases require learning about mitering acute and obtuse angles- the first take (pre-“research”, IE YouTube) was of course entirely wrong.

Thoughts and reactions on Dimensions

So, I’ve had a little more time to process since my last update regarding the direction my work- or my painting at least- has headed since I installed my (solo!!!) show at Golden Belt’s Grand Gallery, Dimensions. And the thing I keep coming back to is gratitude, for this opportunity. It’s an incredible privilege to have the capacity to make work that doesn’t need to exist for commercial purposes- it’s liberating and I hope I can hold on to that context for a bit longer. And I won’t lie, some folks who are farther along in their careers than I (due to their work and commitment) have taken me more seriously lately, which is validating if perhaps a little egocentric (I am a frickin’ artist though…).

Some details- the natural light in the space is amazing, I’d have taken the opportunity to hang this show just to get some of the images I got.

This is what I wrote as a statement for the show btw fwiw icymi: “Dimension is a noun meaning “a measurable extent of some kind.” Dimension also has another meaning- “an aspect or feature of a situation”- which, again, references attention towards the visual character of a thing. The contrast between the features- including the physical dimensions- of the cubes is the source of each piece’s dynamism. The cube assemblages-which are not attached permanently to each other or the wall-foreground gravity and light in a way that paintings cannot. I treat the cubes as proxies for brushstrokes as I spontaneously assemble them into temporary compositions that are never repeated. The process for making this installation relied on reacting to the cubes themselves and to the dimensions of the Grand Gallery. For many of us “dimension” also refers to time (an element of the sculptures as they are temporary) and space (which they physically occupy). For me, these untitled abstractions are an exchange of energy and experience with an audience- a dynamic that requires space, and the passage of time.”

Studying what’s next

Having two shows this fall (group show at 311 Gallery and a solo at Golden Belt) has been amazing and validating, and work of course- first time showing both the cubes and remixes (which was a technical challenge). It also felt like closure. So in that context I’ve felt drawn to move the paintings in a new and slightly different direction. A practice based on formal investigation and experimentation probably should, right?

Having the cubes and the remixes up and together on walls with the paintings also made me want the latter to be even more distinct. So I’ve begun working through what I’ve wanted to “push” more from the prior work and thinking more about the edges of the cubes and how I incorporate line. Some early examples below, at least 3 of which are likely to be further developed (“yes” the two in the bottom left are an example of a spot where I’m far enough along to start responding to earlier studies with newer ones).

(Re-)mixing it up- update!

One of the series I’ve been developing for the last year are what I call re-mixes. These pieces make use of the many studies that I’ve done to develop approaches for finished paintings.

The most intriguing part of these works is that they appear to occupy space- the same space- because they overlap in the same way that layers of cellular animation would. But the space is completely ambiguous.

The piece below is the newest (and largest) one I’ve done, you’ll see at the link above it is composed of elements from several prior remixes. It is installed in Durham in my Dimensions show.

Artist(s) Talk(ing)


Super excited to have the chance to do another Instagram artist talk with my friend Barb Cherry (if you missed my last one check it out).

Barb is a figurative painter who like me is a based in the Triangle. We’ve probably been in a dozen critiques together over the last few years so I’m assuming this one will go deep since we already have a good report. Tune in!

Dimensions at Golden Belt


Hey followers (all 240 of you, how lucky am I?)! I’m excited to add a new blog category to make it easier for you all to get updates on what I’m actually doing (I’ve been using the blog/post functionality in WordPress almost exclusively for posting about other artists). When I make updates to any portfolio pages on work in progress or when I complete new work, I’ll use this updates category to share with you. I hope it increases your interest in this blog.

I’m really excited about my first announcement, too! Just this last week, I was asked by Goldenbelt Arts in Durham to hang a show that will be up through the end of this year, which is also my first opportunity to show the cubes in public. I hope you can all make it out to Dimensions sometime soon!