Nikola Olić

Sasha Bogojev at Juxtapoz talks with Nicola about how the subjective experience of our imminent surroundings is providing infinite ways of interacting with it, but also, exploring, and capturing or depicting it.


If you like this (art that is photographic contemplations of the formal qualities of buildings) you should check out Gianluca and Matthieu.


Uta Barth

Uta has been shown in the same context as abstractionists due to the similarities with formalism in her photographic strategies- I think it’s clear she shares an interest with “us” in the visual and phenomenal qualities of art viewing.


(for other photographic work click on the hashtag “photography” for this post)

Rose Marasco

One of the images from Rose’s My Art Show series from this Hyperallergic write up caught my eye, and glad it did. Using found materials is a cousin, I think, of the sort of automatism that is the root of much abstract painting. Her mimic pieces are great examples of true abstraction as well, I find, and also utilize found objects.