Uta Barth

Uta has been shown in the same context as abstractionists due to the similarities with formalism in her photographic strategies- I think it’s clear she shares an interest with “us” in the visual and phenomenal qualities of art viewing.


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Rose Marasco

One of the images from Rose’s My Art Show series from this Hyperallergic write up caught my eye, and glad it did. Using found materials is a cousin, I think, of the sort of automatism that is the root of much abstract painting. Her mimic pieces are great examples of true abstraction as well, I find, and also utilize found objects.


Matthieu Venot

Not sure how I ran across Widewalls but I appreciate how they have enriched my RSS feed. A recent discovery there is Matthieu Venot, a French musician turned photographer. His photos remind me of Dibenkorn’s obsession with the light in the Bay Area (except Matthieu lives in Brest). His attention to the moment shows there is always #abstractionallaroundus.