Manuel Mathieu

Manuel (who I first discovered at the Armory Show) is a contemporary Haitian visual artist best known as a painter of abstract works that often evoke figurative shapes in nondescript environments. Mathieu draws from Haitian visual cultures and from Western art movements such as expressionism and existentialism.



Flora Yukhnovich

Artforum- rightfully- notes Flora’s newest from her time in Venice in a space set up by #victorimiro “for invited artists to spend extended time in the historic city and make new bodies of work“. These are definitely abstractions although not clear she would call them nonrepresentational. Reminds me of Erin’s brushwork.


Ann Cathrin November Høibo

Was reading the print edition of Artforum when the image below grabbed me. Which lead to reading this interesting interview about the themes that- like the disparate materials she uses- are woven, literally, into her work.