Caroline Achaintre

In Caroline one-person exhibition at Fondazione Giuliani, watercolor, ceramic, bamboo, and wool are the protagonists of a narrative that seems to emerge from the viscera of creative expression. The French-born artist’s works take possession of the gallery space like three-dimensional biomorphic entities, even when simply hung on the walls like paintings.


Otto Zitko

For an artist whose bright oil stick lines often explode, uncontained, across the walls and ceilings of galleries, it feels fitting for this moment—one of physical distance, meditation, and uncertainty—that the works in Otto Zitko’s exhibition “In Times Like These” are anxiously restrained to canvas size

More (older installation work like below)


Nonggirrnga Marawili

taps the Earth for her materials and muses. Her works—prints, works on paper, paintings on bark, and larrakitj (memorial poles made from the bark of eucalyptus trees)—are often made with natural ochers that coalesce in spontaneous webs of lines and dots. The resulting works are ethereal, expressive interpretations of water.


Raimund Girke

On the occasion of Gallery Weekend Berlin, Keweing has presented a selection of work by this “decisive pioneer of analytical painting, Girke’s position counts among the most important in German painting post-1945. In October he would have celebrated his 90th birthday.”

More (yes, his works makes me think of Robert Ryman also).


Howard Hodgkin

Was reading in this great article on #cecilybrown (who is not an abstractionist and is IMO one of our best living painters) that she is influenced by Howard (quite literally as in she met him several times), who is another member of the canon that I’ve not previously covered here.

Howard is no longer with us but his estate has an IG feed and here’s more and more.