Leo Valledor and Zin Helena Song

Hyperallergic caught my eye with Leo’s work. The story of the Park Place Group is another wrinkle in the “primacy” of post-war New York… While some might think of Stella‘s (or Tony‘s) work, I’m more curious about how artists like Zin are taking this idiom forward.



Sol LeWitt

What more can I say about the democratizing effect of non-mimetic modalities on the arts that would do justice to the rise of a night shift guard at MOMA to the rightful prominence Sol occupies as a conceptual artist*? Just read.

*Right- one should also note that, even though he abandoned the idea of a master narrative in art that preferenced painting, he didn’t abandon the notion that geometric forms are uniquely human.


Lygia Clark

Lygia is getting a well deserved revisiting. I think would have shared a lot with the Neo-Concrete movement: Neo-Concrete artists sought to create a multi-sensorial space which caused the spectator to feel more acutely their own body and existence.


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