Jasmine Wallace and Randy Shull

Shared a link to Jasmine’s IG feed with a fellow abstractionist and she hit me back with a link to this page with images of Randy’s work. Which is whose? Click through to find out!

#randyshull #jasminewallace

Donald Martiny

Those of you who drive past North Hills in Raleigh on the reg have seen Donald’s piece in the NCMA’s Art Window in the BOA building. As someone who loves Fabian Marcaccio’s paintants and Roy Lichtenstein’s brushstrokes, these make me super super happy. Check out more of them!


Fran O’Neill

I first encountered Fran’s work while Tumblr’ing, please check out her online gallery. I find these to be almost narrative- they impact me kind of like Lichtenstein’s brushstrokes which I always saw as comic book hero versions of brushstrokes being… well. Anyway, they all seem to tell a sort of story.