Saerom Yoon

Saerom is an artist based in Seoul, South Korea. His work is inspired by the effortless beauty of nature, particularly the colors of both sunset and sunrise. He wants his sculptural furniture to have a similar appearance and feel as a water color painting. Furthermore, he hopes to express natural textures in his work; such as the interplay of clouds, calm water, rippling waves, frozen ice and the bark of trees.


Stephen Neidich

Artforum says Stephen’s kinetic sculptures are made of industrial metal objects and tools found in the studio and the outside world. They leverage our familiarity of everyday objects against experience and performance of making art. These gestural spinning and rotating sculptures make plain how, and from what materials they are made, the acrobatics of their production.



Restarts aren’t clean breaks sometimes

I’ve written about processing the value of having shown work, and making studies to generate new ideas. I’ve also started a new piece (based on an old one) that to me feels less about running off in an entirely new direction and more like… veering.

As soon as I got the drawing onto the canvas, which was stapled to the studio wall, it became clear that a container for all these containers would be more dramatic if the angles weren’t all 90°. Shaped canvases require learning about mitering acute and obtuse angles- the first take (pre-“research”, IE YouTube) was of course entirely wrong.