Back at it

Had a great vacation recently that included time In Paris where I got to visit the never disappointing Pompidou Center, as well as some great galleries. I posted about it in my IG feed and will blog about all the artists at some point.

I’m also glad to be home and back at it on a few new things I have underway.

Above is a medium size piece based on the study on the top left and is a continuation of a larger piece from 2021 (also pictured). Planning to replicate the sporadic use of lighter and darker tones to make the viewer’s move around the structure.

Also started a small series that feels like a step in a new direction- more focused on line and color and less on layers and surface (top left is technically the first piece, finished in January of this year). FYI, I’ll be updating the “in progress” posts on both works as they develop.

And I’ve started some studies for some work on paper with fluorescent paint (and yep, the intent is definitely to show them as above under black light).

Author: sterlingsart

abstract painter living in Raleigh, NC- follow my blog to help build my mailing list!

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