Scale- down; color- up


I’ve continued to expand the quantity of “proxy brushstrokes” that I need for my cube-based “automatism.” I’ll continue to update this post as I make new compositions (all of which remain temporary).

Each composition (is that the right word- installation maybe?) starts with 4 to as many as 8 cubes which have sawtooth picture hanging hardware on the back, which hung off of flat-head screws mounted into the drywall of the workspace I use in my studio to have exploration time. The cubes can be tilted because they’re hung on one screw. From there (after the initial cubes are hung, which is based on good ole’ fashioned painter’s instinct) I begin to stack cubes I select from my “palette” based on size, chroma/tone and the character of the wood grain and intersections there of on one or more of that cube’s face(s).

Since I’ve pre-made a LOT of compositional choices by limiting possibilities, I focus on the tension(s) possible because of the viewer’s belief in gravity.


After figuring out how to move the cubes to the wall I wanted to, like painting, scale up. Each of these pieces took a couple of hours to assemble on site. There were no pre-drawings or plans. The palette was limited on purpose. None of the blocks are attached to each other, although some are attached to the wall.