After figuring out how to move the cubes to the wall I wanted to, like painting, scale up. Each of these pieces took a couple of hours to assemble on site. There were no pre-drawings or plans. The palette was limited on purpose. None of the blocks are attached to each other, although some are attached to the wall.

Making choices about past… choices

All of the works below are created from previously completed paintings (see if you can spot them here and here). Beyond the obvious relationship to working with the physical cubes, and despite the fact that they are being presented as compositions, they seem to me to ground choice as prime in a way that the other paintings don’t (not that this difference makes these stronger, just… different).

I am intrigued by the way overlapping some the cubes implies they exist in some other space, together, but which is not defined (the white of the wall). I hope I’ll get the opportunity to show them all together so I can see how the ones composed with cubes from multiple sources look in the same space with ones that all came from the same original source.