What you will find here

… are galleries of my paintings and installation work, posts about work I made or am making, and a lot of blogs about other artists’ work that I find interesting and inspiring. If you’re looking for one of 1,000+ artists about which I’ve posted some content and at least one image, scroll down, use the menu (options to search by hashtag or thumbnail gallery) or the search bar below.

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BTW, “yes,” the title of this blog is a reference to Arthur Danto’s collection of essays “After The End of Art.” This book had a good bit of influence on me in grad school around the time I decided to take some time away – I accept the primary theses that Art has no where left it has to go as a mission or project of westernized culture. If there’s nothing left we have to do as part of some grand narrative we should do what we love and let the future worry about what we did that was of historical value. Personally, I’d rather be a cool ancestor than a loyal descendant.