“Search” by thumbnail

This is a bit of a hack-y solution  for visitors to search for artworks they’d like to know more about via a gallery of images by different artists. Each image is from an artist about which there is a post on this site- clicking on an image takes you into a gallery where you can see a description with the artist’s name. There is a search bar embedded below each gallery of 30 images which you can use to find a post on this site or of course you can search on your own. Each of my posts has 1 or more hyperlinks to other work and/or writing about the subject artist.

I’ve launched it because that seems relevant- abstract painting wouldn’t exist except for the act of looking at an artwork and considering its visual qualities. 

I’m working on getting captions for all of these images, thanks for your patience. I’m a WordPress novice and although my incessant cataloging through this blog is part of my practice, use of the blog is free and it doesn’t create revenue so my options are limited by WordPress’s business account functionality. Of course I am open to suggestions for how to improve this functionality in that constraint. In the meantime, I hope it helps you find what you’re looking for!