Artist(s) Talk(ing)


Super excited to have the chance to do another Instagram artist talk with my friend Barb Cherry (if you missed my last one check it out).

Barb is a figurative painter who like me is a based in the Triangle. We’ve probably been in a dozen critiques together over the last few years so I’m assuming this one will go deep since we already have a good report. Tune in!

Dimensions at Golden Belt


Hey followers (all 240 of you, how lucky am I?)! I’m excited to add a new blog category to make it easier for you all to get updates on what I’m actually doing (I’ve been using the blog/post functionality in WordPress almost exclusively for posting about other artists). When I make updates to any portfolio pages on work in progress or when I complete new work, I’ll use this updates category to share with you. I hope it increases your interest in this blog.

I’m really excited about my first announcement, too! Just this last week, I was asked by Goldenbelt Arts in Durham to hang a show that will be up through the end of this year, which is also my first opportunity to show the cubes in public. I hope you can all make it out to Dimensions sometime soon!