Oblique Strategies

Final 4/29/23

Many readers may be familiar with this project by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. One of my projects for 2023 was to draw my way through the deck of cards. One prompt per day, for 100 days in a row.

In addition to the structure of a prompt from an outside, disinterested source, I pick my drawing materials and music prior to reading the prompt- music choices when I’m in the studio really reflect my mood anyway. I also give myself a time-limit of 15 minutes. Each drawing gets documented along with the “dilemma” (and my music choice), and I also am keeping a separate, small note-book with some narrative around the choices I’m making.

Below is a gallery I uploaded about 2 months in showing that most of the results have been roughly in line with my current pursuits (drawing cubes). In addition to the benefits (for a formalist) of daily drawing, I also appreciated the aspect of this project that required reasoning through choices. Careful observers will note one composition that this process has generated that has shown up 3 times now…

Sometimes things went the way they were meant to go even if I didn’t generate a usable drawing.

In the end I did not finish all the prompts, having ended up with some great starts for new drawings and paintings.

Author: sterlingsart

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