Since one of the themes in my practice is contradiction, I thought I’d chose a word that can be a noun and a verb. I do pace a lot. I mostly pace during my day job- in the studio, not so much. I think the energy that instigates pacing is a part of the source of my work. The parts of my practice that are contemplative are not done while pacing, however pacing is often useful for contemplating all the things and my practice definitely encompasses a lot of time in thought (as an alternative- this activity is not opposed to action).

Pacing the noun- as in the pacing of my practice- comes to mind because while the core of my practice is making work I find that the many parts of my practice also have to stay “on pace.” This blog- which is a daily practice; networking and expanding opportunities for myself; Instagram (started a new feed btw); and making sure I am teaching when I can (and I am teaching color theory again starting in January). And all of this without “falling off pace” (yes I used to run a lot) with making work.

So what is the ideal pacing (for me)? There isn’t a destination like a condition or state for my practice to occupy… or a timeline to get there (I mean, I already have a practice ffs). And it’s different from momentum. The answer is, I think, in the definition of pacing: the act or result of setting the rate of movement or progress, as of a story, movie, lesson, etc.

So what is the result I’m seeing? When I ask myself that question, I smile: I have work up in public; I am teaching; I am learning what’s involved in proposing and curating exhibits; I’m meeting new people whose work I want to celebrate*; and I’m pushing myself in my studio.

*if you want a good list of NC artists to celebrate start with the book on the top left of the gallery below.

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