Susan Morris

Was talking about automatism with a fellow artist who surprisingly was unfamiliar. In addition to other good material on the topic the Tate’s online presence has this great article on Susan “discussing her work in the context of involuntary drawing, Susan Morris provides a history of her practice by examining the art of Jules-Etienne Marey, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso and Tacita Dean.” Her work deriving from data on sleep patterns is also interesting.

Sarah Tortora

With their current round open for submissions I was looking through the website for the Hopper Prize and found this nice interview with Sarah on “the physicality of making sculpture, negotiating balance, creative catharsis & personal truth.” Links to her portfolio (not all of which is abstract/non-representational) and site in the article.

Evelyn Statsinger and Judith Rothschild

(Artsy says “Frieze is still happening”)…

(Looks through catalog, sees Evelyn’s piece below)

(Heads over to #richardgraygallery to see more, also discovers Judith whose estate the gallery also represents)



Ruth Asawa

“Asawa lived an extraordinary life independent of her incredible body of work. Her path was a series of trials overcome and small paradises found—from internment camps in America to, later, a creative coming-of-age at Black Mountain College and in San Francisco, where she lived until her death in 2013.

Her legacy of generosity and openness to the world continues to grow along with her reputation as an artist, which was underappreciated during her lifetime despite everyone from Josef Albers to Buckminster Fuller declaring her genius indisputable. But that has been changing, year by year—just a few weeks ago, the US Postal Service announced they would be featuring Asawa on a new stamp out this fall.”

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