Here’s a little something…

Final 12/1

Literally (finished size is 14″ x 15.5″).

I began this small piece after another series where I scaled down- I blogged about my headspace around the time of its genesis, too. This is definitely picture scale not human scale (which, in the latter case, would make the work, I think, more about experience- so perhaps smaller will focus the viewer, literally). The object or interest is some subtle color stuff that happens around the edges of the trapezoids.

When less is more

Final 11/2

The pieces below began out of an interest in exploring some new directions with painting, and despite having recently completed a couple of pieces that weren’t clean breaks, I definitely see this small series as a big step away from some aspects of work from the last two years to refocus on line and color (with much less emphasis on surface and implied space). The series follows through on some of the things that happened in the (finished) piece in the middle of the top row of the gallery below, which was a follow through on the study at the top left. I did some initial color studies and par usual the compositions are automatic drawings using isometric cubes (and transferred via projector).

Here’s a gallery showing the development of one of the 5 total pieces in this series. Despite the color studies, most of the color choices, as well as line and application decisions, are also made “in the flow.”

Here’s the finished version of above. Scale is 15″ x 21″. Not sure if it matters in the end if these are more like studies (since I’m using them to learn) or finished pieces. It is all part of the journey. Check out my main painting gallery for more finished pieces.