Tracing strategy upgrade

(final update 10/16/19)

Ever since creating what was really the first artwork I had done in 12+ years (first image below), which was created from a different drawing using carbon paper, tracing paper, a scanner, computer software, and a final layer of acetate, I’ve been wanting to replicate the aesthetic of the piece (with the dark grid that should create “snap” offset from the edges of the cubes) in a series in which each piece will have unique mark-making.

I still haven’t fully, mentally unpacked the content of tracing and repeating/layering but in an analog fashion (at least, any more deeply than accepting this work as a fascination with certain materials I encountered in design school as well as a romanticized notion of analog creativity). At any rate, this piece is the start of a series of drawings which will be traced to create all of the works. More to come in a later entry.


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