Time to make the choices


In addition to reflecting on my use of tools for the piece this post documents*, I’ve also noted the importance that studies have taken in my process over the last few months. This piece is based on the study shown top left below. I’ll note that this piece also incorporates a theme of recycling compositions- in this case the one associated with the stretcher that I’ll be re-using. One new element will be using the projector at later stages to create a template for shifting the grid slightly before repeating it.

Similar to another piece I recently completed, I found after I got into the painting that a rectangular container was probably not the right choice. While using some blue painter’s tape to sketch out potential canvas stretcher shapes, I stumbled into another solution which is to paint the container. Very pleased with not only the resulting compositional addition but also with the way the lighter purple around the edges of the painting wraps the edge of the stretcher and optically obfuscates the edge.

*I’ve also reflected on how the inflection points of the journey, even when I intellectualize them as choices that result in a major shift, aren’t always clean breaks.

Author: sterlingsart

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