The master suite

This work was a commission for a co-worker’s master suite. It was so exciting to be painting this large again!

First image is the eventual installation site. Given the scale, I wasn’t comfortable beginning with a blank canvas, so I did a sketch which I turned into a transparency in order to project it onto the canvas. Super fun to use old analog technology like a projector, and it definitely given me some inspiration to come up with some proposals for installation/performance work in the future.

Once I got the grid drawn I started moving media around right away, including using markers and watercolor pencil to emphasize parts of the grid. The color scheme of the sketch was useful but it didn’t survive my strategy of making a mark and then reacting to it. Translucent tinting medium is the best, and it shows up- it’s basically finally ground micah that I’ve discovered you can mix with a little color and acrylic medium to make metallic paints, like the kind you may seen on sports cars or in retro 1940s diners. It sparkles! There are also a few cubes where that have 5 or maybe more layers of translucent or even transparent gel medium that appear to be encaustic.

This is the first painting where I used- or I should say, left- some really thick line(s) to section off certain areas in the work-  the area is shown taped below as well, which is how I came to consider this as a strategy.



Author: sterlingsart

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