More revisiting, Mar ’20

(final 4/26/19)

As I wrote in this article, I’ve been thinking back to some early work in this body a good bit, and fishing through past studies for inspiration. Decided to literally scale up the small painting pictured first below.

At the time I started this one, I was also thinking a lot about the question of composition in relation to how a work looks at, like, 2′ distance (which is where I am while I paint them). In the age of the Instagram feed, not sure which is more impactful- how a painting translates into a thumbnail for web viewing, or what its physical presence is like. Most people will only ever see the latter…

This piece also has lead to a collaboration that I’ll post more about as it develops. Final image above.

Author: sterlingsart

abstract painter living in Raleigh, NC- follow my blog to help build my mailing list!

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