Prepping for screen printing

I will do an update post once we get to printing… So! I’ve had an interest in finding ways to capture a composition and use the process of copying it to create even more works, both as a strategy to create layers of media for a drawing through the process of drawing itself, and also/primarily out of a desire to make more, lower cost images for sale through non-gallery channels. Then I found out my neighbor has a set-up for doing runs of screens and I decided it was time to take this interest to the next level. I’ve never done any print-making and I am very psyched to see what results we get.

I first created a drawing on paper, and added some shading to begin fleshing out the dimensional quality of the cubes/space. I then began created the actual “negatives” which we will expose to create each screen by setting registration marks, taping down a layer of acetate over the drawing, and tracing the color for each screen

My interest in making some serigraphs (screen prints) specifically goes back a while- Albers was an early fav of mine, although it was only after undergrad that I seriously studied his work on color (I also made a series of paintings when I lived in Houston that I put in a show called “Blips” that were open nods to Albers and Richard Anuszkiewicz).

Screen prints by others that I like with captions…

albersJosef Albers. Homage to the Square. 1962


Richard Anuszkiewicz. Rosafield. 1962


Frank Stella. A Squeeze of the Hand. 1988

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