Draw, trace, repeat

This piece was a fun hybrid- not really print-making but as much akin to it as drawing. The net result is a single piece that is four variations of the same grid.

The initial drawing was done on graph paper (which I let show through, and became the drawing in the upper right), using a red pencil, an illustration or drafting strategy. This grid was then traced in pencil with sufficient pressure to leave an indentation of the grid into a heavy, water color paper. During this tracing step, I also inserted a sheet of tracing paper below the graph paper, and a sheet of carbon paper over that. The end result was three layers of the same grid; once I painted the water color paper, I off-set the tracing paper, then added a third layer of acetate which I also drew on (this became the top left drawing). I then added a layer of acetate to the original drawing, and drew on that with marker, scanned these layers as a whole, then finished the drawing with some crayon.

Next, I manipulated the scan and printed it, also on graph paper. This time, I traced over the grid in the print onto tracing paper, with a sheet of carbon paper under the print and a sheet of the water color paper under that. I then did some additional coloring of the print, which also transferred to the heavy paper. This became the bottom left drawing. I then manipulated the scan a final time, printed that layer onto ink jet transparency paper, laid this over the water color paper onto which I had transferred the grid using carbon paper, then layered on more acetate and drawing, finally reversing these last two layers to arrive at the drawing in the lower right.





Author: sterlingsart

abstract painter living in Raleigh, NC- follow my blog to help build my mailing list!

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