Beginnings- cubes with dimension

The way that I draw the (isometric) cubes in my paintings is similar to techniques used by designers when drafting a physical space- I even use red drafting pencil sometimes.

I have been thinking for a while that this modality I’ve adopted is a sort of “building” system; also, I and others have noted that the cubes in my drawings and paintings aren’t moored by gravity or beholden to a true light source. So, what if I began to explore those last two sets of limitations within an actual building system.

I’ve begun to make a set of cubes that range in size from 1″ to 6″ square. I’ve sort of begun to think of each of them as a proxy for brushstrokes… Anyway, they are growing in number and have taken on color.

I’ve tried out a few compositional ideas as well, focusing for now on the limitation of gravity.



Author: sterlingsart

abstract painter living in Raleigh, NC- follow my blog to help build my mailing list!

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