Mohamed Melehi

Mosaic Room in London went #tbt with this show exploring how Melehi and other “artists in postcolonial Casablanca created a specifically Moroccan form of Modernism, merging the influences of Pop art and Hard-edge painting with the rich tradition of abstraction in Berber craft and architecture.”


Stuart Davis

Big time #tbt

The featured image for this Artsy article caught my eye because Stuart has always fascinated me– I’ve been known on more than one occasion to espouse the idea that abstract painting aspires to a condition which jazz naturally achieves (where form and content are indistinguishable). Great job by Jackson Arn to point out that Davis’s aspirations for his work “had already been achieved by virtuosic black musicians.”


Tony DeLap

Sad to learn about Tony because of his passing. Hopefully that says more about the rich history of abstraction than either art history or myself. I celebrated his life by learning more about this artist who “has been associated with not one but with so many of the dominant trends of the late-twentieth-century abstraction: minimalism, optical art, primary structures, hard edge painting, California light and space, and site-specific sculpture.” I am filled with optimism that he was able to fill a lifetime with dedication to formalism. More images…