Paul Travis Philips

#TBT Saw some of these at SECCA (a real NC gem) in 2017. Really deft technically, they borrow the visual texture of language (literally in some cases) and owe as big of a debt to Johns and Rauschenberg as any abstract practitioner- even as they are, literally, abstractions of systems of representation. Fascinating and captivating.


James Flynn

I did a double take when I saw the synopsis for an article titled Surrealism and the Subjective with the image below. The connection to and use of automatism- some would just call it “intuition”- by practitioners of abstraction is well documented and in this instance striking given the technical rigor of work whose apparent premise of planning belies the use of chance.


Robert Reed

I’d say this is a profound read about the first and only tenured African American faculty member in the history of the Yale School of Art. Amazing story and really excellent formalist work that belies the notion that abstraction doesn’t stand for other ideas.

I also made a Pinterest “gallery” of his work, including uploading some images myself from other sources.