The haps

So first and foremost, the thing I am most excited about is an upcoming artist talk that Jaclyn Sanders and I are conspiring to do this Wednesday, 8/31, at 7pm EST over on Instagram.

Another cool going on that I have to tell you all about is one of the current exhibits at the Nasher Museum. Titled Roy Lichtenstein: History in the Making, 1948 – 1960, it’s a great example of really good programming. The story we get is one of a young Roy attempting to find his voice by synthesizing Modernism and the idea of an avant-garde. There’s so much to process and think on- our definitions of Modernism and what it was like to investigate that epoch as lived experience; to digest European ideas about the relationship of archetype and myth to form and use that energy to transmute the stories Americans tell themselves about who we are (and what are those stories…). And his later brushstrokes were not the only time he explored abstraction (see below).

As far as paintings go, I stretched a couple, and started a sixth piece that may or may not plug in to the series of small paintings I’ve been doing. In addition to trying a smaller, horizontal format that’s also closer to a square, I’ll be using canvas with layers of sanded gesso to try to get the weave-less texture of Muslin that I enjoy about the other pieces.

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