Staycation rules

So I love my day job, partly because the company I work for is pretty progressive relative to the rest of US workforce options (yes, I’ve made efforts to specifically be in this space and I’m glad to talk with any of you about how to go about it yourselves). Anyway, one of our policies is a mid-year break which we’ve decided to schedule during the week of Independence Day (when lots of people are off anyway). Therefore, I am in the process of staycationing.

Which involves time in the studio.

A prior update had some context for the pieces above with which I’m quite pleased. There are some nice subtle things happening, and the scale allows individual cube “surfaces” to be much more important to the entire piece. Choices become a lot more critical for sure. I’ve also decided to revisit the idea of painting a polygon “container” for the cubes directly onto the canvas (first attempt is top image below). Simplifying the paint application (I know, the list probably belies that statement) and chroma range on this one, and also scaling down because why not change several things at once. Oh and planning to have the trapezoid shape be a taped edge rather than a painted line.

Author: sterlingsart

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