Talking Art

Going to do Studio Snacks with the BASEMENT crew on Tuesday 3/1 at 8pm- (Zoom link ). Studio Snacks is a series of 30-min virtual studio visits for North Carolina-based artists. Visits can be held privately with the BASEMENT curatorial team or be open to the public; they can be spaces to informally critique, share work with community members, and/or receive feedback privately.

Got to do a talk recently, too, with a couple of friends, Jackie and Adriana. We have all looked at and talked about each other’s work a good deal over the last ~4 years. A good time was had by all!

I’ve also done live conversations on Instagram. I post them as reels afterwards. I’ve done one with Cindy Morefield, Barb Cherry and Reuven Wallack, and am looking forward to doing one soon with my friends Barbara Anne Thomas, who has work in a show at Blue Spiral in Asheville and is represented by ArtSuite, as well as Elisabeth Efron who has a great show at Anchorlight of some amazing photo-based encaustic work. If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to this blog to get bi-monthly updates on when events like these happen.

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