Tools of the trade

So as I mentioned above is the basis for a new piece I’ve started. It has foregrounded a number of tools that I employ, including of course using the process of making unplanned studies as a way to surface ideas for finished pieces.

I recycled the composition from an earlier piece (made sense to me since I am also recycling the support) which required a photo from my tablet, desktop software, a stylus for tracing and then isolating and printing the copied cartoon on a sheet of acetate (which involves a printer and of course a transparency projector). I don’t think I’m the only 45+ Gen X’er with a fondness for analog technologies. Technically I could have used the projector and a sheet of acetate to trace the cartoon, completely side stepping any digital device- something to think on… I plan to reuse the transparency later in the painting, too, to repeat the cartoon in red. Tape and the use of a maul stick eventually feature as other “technologies” I’ll leverage to get at an aesthetic that blurs the line between drawing and painting.

Author: sterlingsart

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