Yes, I’ve been painting

Quite a bit going on, actually.

First things first, top left is my first finished piece of the year (small, 20”x23”). Both it and the one to the right were developed from studies. The one on the right is going to be the first in a small series (top left below). My first shaped canvas is still taking shape (I’m hilarious, I know) and I finished a composition for a second- every time I took a photo of the finished piece at an angle (last two images in the gallery below) I became more convinced this is a strategy to pursue.

Also, and… the study bottom left below is scaling up. I’m recycling the composition from an earlier piece. I’ll have a work in progress page for it once I get the drawing transferred. AND…I’m also updating a small earlier piece with a cartoon (it didn’t have one in its first life), the sketch is pictured far right below (the first iteration is far right in the top right photo in the first gallery above).

Author: sterlingsart

abstract painter living in Raleigh, NC- follow my blog to help build my mailing list!

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